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Sandwich with aromatic cheese, ajvar and crunchy green vegetables

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Preparation time- 
10 mins
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Cooking time- 
15 mins
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Quantity - 
2 persons

They say that the secret of the most outstandingly delicious food is in the details.This is certainly true of our suggestion for a wonderfully refreshing, incredibly crunchy and creamy sandwich that seems just made for a relaxing summer picnic. These colourful sandwiches, full of great flavours of fresh green vegetables, aromatised cheese and proper homemade ajvar, will be even tastier between lightly toasted slices of bread. The wonderful crunch of this sandwich is provided by the salad leaf and young courgette, with numerous minerals and vitamins, while the mild, gentle Srem cheese and ajvar are to thank for that well known succulent combination of irresistible flavours. To aromatise the Srem cheese we used fresh basil and oregano. We invite you to play with the flavours and make up your own favourite combination of aromatised cheese, fresh vegetables and ajvar.

  • 150 g soft Srem cheese (cream cheese)
  • 10–15 leaves of basil
  • a few sprigs of fresh oregano
  • the juice of half a lime
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • ajvar with olive oil
  • your choice of salad leaf
  • young courgettes
Instructions for preparing

Rinse the fresh herbs and dry well before chopping, then together with the lime juice, a little salt and pepper add to the cheese and mix well.

Rinse and dry the vegetables, chop the salad leaf into large pieces, halve the courgettes and cut into thin slivers.

Spread the aromatic cheese on a slice of bread, place the vegetables on top then cover with a slice of bread spread with ajvar.