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Meringues with apricots and blueberries

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Preparation time- 
10 mins
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Quantity - 
8-10 persons

Everyone has their own tried and tested recipe for meringues. Nevertheless, please allow us to show you how you can upgrade them into true little kisses. Try this filling and enjoy the wonderful textures!



200 ml heavy whipping cream

4 tbsp ground almonds

2 tbsp Granny's secret blueberry jam

2 tbsp Granny's secret apricot jam

Almond flakes

Instructions for preparing

Whip the 200 ml sweet cream until it is stiff. Slowly mix in the 4 tbsp ground almonds and divide the mixture into two parts.

Mix 2 tablespoons of our blueberry jam into one part, and into the other the apricot jam, with which you will join the kisses. Decorate them with fresh fruit, almond flakes and fresh mint leaves.