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Legal notices


All content published on Bakina Tajna websites is the property of ATLANTIC ŠTARK d.o.o. and is the subject of copyright protection or other forms of intellectual property protection within the framework permitted by law.

The contents (texts, images, logos...) published on these websites can be used exclusively for non-commercial purposes and may not be changed, copied, duplicated, republished, sent by mail or in any other way disseminated for commercial purposes without express written permission of ATLANTIC ŠTARK d.o.o.

All reproductions or copies of the content of these websites must retain all copyright notices and other notices of intellectual property rights or notices of other rights. (sign ALL RIGHTS RESERVED©ATLANTICGRUPA 2022).

The trademarks and service marks that appear on these pages are registered trademarks whose owner or licensee is ATLANTIC ŠTARK d.o.o. (here in after also the Company) or its related companies. The use of these trademarks is expressly prohibited, except in the cases established by this text.

Privacy policy

ATLANTIC ŠTARK d.o.o. (here in after: the Company) is part of the Atlantic Group business system within which high standards of business management and transparent operations are established and applied, meaning responsible, legal and ethical behavior of all legal entities of Atlantic Group, that also include respect for privacy and data protection personality.

Taking into account the aforementioned standards, the Company as a handler within the Atlantic Group business system legally, honestly and transparently collects and processes personal data in accordance with applicable regulations and under takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data from illegal access and misuse.

The Company is aware that theprotection of personal data is important both for our users and for otherindividuals. This is precisely why we want to inform you about the personaldata we collect, how we manage it and how we take care of its protection.


Purpose, scope and legal basis of processing

Personal data is collected for special, explicit and legal purposes, in the necessary scope and processed in a manner that is consistent with these purposes.

The Company will collect and process personal data only when permitted by regulations:

  • when processing is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation;
  • when an individual gives his/her consent to the processing of his/her personal data;
  • when the processing is necessary for the execution of a contract whose contractor is an individual to whom the personal data refer or for taking measures at the request of such an individual before concluding the contract;
  • when the processing is necessary to protect the vital interests of the individual to whom the personal data refer or another natural person;
  • when processing is necessary for the legitimate interests of the Company or affiliated companies.

Collection and use of personal data

Personal data is information that directly or indirectly identifies you. These are, for example, your first and last name, email address, phone number, IP address or postal address.

The Company does not collect your personal data except when you expressly provide data of this type (for example, in the context of an inquiry related to a specific product or service, when concluding a contract or in the context of a request for certain actions before concluding a contract, by including in loyalty programs, when applying for receiving electronic news, participating in surveys, contests and prize games, ordering sample copies or brochures, in the context of requests for donations and when searching for certain information, submitting a biography or an open offer or when applying for vacancies, as well as employment in our Company...).

We collect, store, use or transfer your personal data to the extent - in terms of content and time - that is necessary in a particular case, for example to answer your questions, to fulfill your requests, to inform you about our products or the results of a contest or prize game, to fulfill a contractual obligation or take necessary actions before concluding a contract or to fulfill other legal and legal obligations. For these reasons, the Company sometimes has to transfer personal data to other companies in the Atlantic Group and related companies or to external service providers for further processing.

Service providers can, for example, be engaged in the context of call center services, distribution of goods or advertising material or for the organization and implementation of prize games. The company asks these persons to accept the applicable legal regulations, actin accordance with our instructions and take into account our internal rules on the protection of personal data, as well as to take appropriate organizational and technical protection measures.

For these reasons, your personal data will have to be transferred to other EU countries or countries outside theEU, whereby the Company will make sure during such transfer that it is fully in accordance with the law and that it is carried out with all available and appropriate data protection measures about personality.

The Company guarantees that it will not sell your personal data to anyone, that it will not pass it on or lend it to third parties unless it is necessary to fulfill the specific purpose for which you gave us your personal data, and it also guarantees that it will not give your personal data to any unauthorized person.

There is a possibility that we will have to submit your personal data to the competent public authority if this is provided for by law or other binding regulation.

Collected data will be kept as long as necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, that is, until the deadline set by the applicable regulations.

Use of personal data for advertising and marketing purposes

When your personal data is used for advertising and marketing purposes in accordance with the applicable legal regulations in the field of personal data protection, your data is stored and used for these purposes, for example to send electronic notifications, product samples, invitations to participate in contests and prize games via e-mail or post or other communication channel that you have accepted.

If your personal data are to be used for the purpose of sending individual (to you) customized ads and promotions for the purpose of creating and maintaining a user profile, you will be informed about this in advance; before sending such ads and promotions, and before such processing of personal data, we will specifically explicitly and informedly ask you for your consent.

We will also use your data if we want to analyze and improve the effectiveness of our web services, advertising, marketing, market research and sales efforts in surveys or various other questionnaires or in a way that will ensure that your personal data is not mentioned by name, or that they cannot be associated with a specific person.

Realization of individual rights

At any time, you can ask us for information about your personal data that we process or to request its correction, to revoke its use or to request the deletion of your personal data or to withdraw your consent for all or only some purposes (except when not possible; for example when it comes to data processing for statistical purposes in connection with which the data does not enable identification under any circumstances), i.e. when you prohibit the transfer of data to another operator under legal conditions, and in addition you can cancel receiving our informative and promotional materials.

You can also object to the use of your personal data in situations based on the existence of our legit imate interest, especially when we use it for direct marketing purposes.

On our part, we will make sure to the greatest possible and reasonable extent that the personal data you make available to us are properly recorded, and at the same time, the responsibility for accuracy is also yours, so please update the data regularly and in a timely manner, that is, submit a request to us to enter a change or to make a correction.

In connection with exercising your rights and obligations regarding the use of personal data, you can contact the electronic address or postal address of the Company's headquarters listed on the website or the electronic address: dpo@atlanticgrupa.com or according to the instructions on the provided promotional materials.

When establishing contact and receiving said requests, we will make reasonable efforts to confirm your identity and prevent unauthorized processing of personal data.

After receiving your requests, we will carry out the requested activity within the appropriate period, but no later than within 30 days from the day of receipt, and inform you about it as necessary, and everything in accordance with the law.



As a rule, we do not collect data about children. If we determine that they were submitted to us without the consent of parents or legal representatives, we will delete them as soon as possible. In doing so, we will adhere to the guidelines received from you as a parent or legal guardian.

If, for some purpose, we were to collect information about children who are so old that, in accordance with current laws, parental consent is required for the processing of their personal data, we will publish appropriate information about this and take reasonable measures to determine whether the children have parental consent, that is, the legal guardian.

Data security

We have implemented technical and organizational measures to prevent the loss of your data, their change, alienation, access to them by an unauthorized third party, or any unauthorized processing. Access to your personal data is limited only to those employees who need this information to provide our services, i.e. to solve your question. We constantly educate our employees about how important data confidentiality and privacy are, as well as the protection of your data. We collect only those data that are necessary for certain processing, and we keep them only for as long as necessary, i.e. provided for by law.

On our website, you will occasionally be able to find links to other websites or portals, and in addition, we can offer you social network features that enable the sharing of personal information on social networks. In any case, we recommend that you first read the rules on the protection of personal data on these portals or social networks or with third parties, as well as the measures taken to protect them, because they may differ from these Rules and our measures, and we are not responsible for that.

Limitation of liability

Although we take available technical, organizational and personnel measures to protect personal data from accidental or intentional misuse, destruction, loss, unauthorized changes or access, we cannot guarantee that despite the provisions of these Privacy Policy some personal data we collect will never be accidentally discovered.

To the maximum extent permitted bylaw, we exclude liability for damage caused to users or third parties by accidental disclosure of personal data.

Since we have no control over the personal data you provide when accessing other portals and over the use of such data or directly over third parties (for example, when participating in sponsored activities), to the fullest extent permitted by law, we exclude responsibility for damage that you or a third party may to suffer as a result of the transmission of personal data.

Updates and changes

We reserve the right to change or to update parts of these Rules at any time and without prior notice. Please visit our website periodically to be aware of changes or updates to the Policy. The effective date of the current version of the Rules will also be announced.

These Rules were last modified on February 4th 2020.