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Product image. Jar of Ajvar
Product image. Jar of Ajvar
Hot ajvar
Product image. Jar of Ajvar
Mild ajvar
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Also known as vegan caviar

The beauty of ajvar is in its natural simplicity.

On a piece of  bread...

Piece of bread with ajvar
Ajvar bread shadow

As a side dish or sauce...

Bowl of ajvar with tortilla chips
Ajvar dip bowl shadow

Just 4 ingredients

Classic homemade ajvar is prepared using just 4 ingredients: roasted red pepper, sunflower oil, salt and a little vinegar.

Red pepper
Ingredient paprika
Ingredient salt
Ingredient vegetable oil
Apple cider
Ingredient vinegar

The main ingredient in every ajvar is red pepper

The pepper must be ripe, juicy and meaty
and should not contain a lot of water.

The variety that makes the best ajvar is the local native heirloom variety called ‘kurtovska kapija’.

Two pepers

Light and healthy

In this region, ajvar has a special place both in the culture and on the dining table. It has been made for centuries, and its name derives from the Turkish word havyar, meaning caviar.