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A combination of tradition and modernity

We fill each jar with wisdom and the knowledge of our grandmothers, with an added pinch of the modern. We care for traditions, while also looking to the future, and for this reason we prepare only completely natural food for a healthy and long life.

Water-colour landscape, house in hills
Water-colour landscape, small bushes
Water-colour landscape, hills in distance
Whole garlic

The place that grows a
perfection of flavours

Our peppers and fruit are grown in unspoilt nature. In a place where we fill our lungs and where the slopes are covered in the wealth of flavours we put into our jars. The abundant fields and endless rows of orchards offer up fruit which, thanks to the careful hands of people in the local community, who know the secret of a true balance between tradition and the modern way of life, preserves the fullness of summer throughout the year.

The secret is in its preparation

The recipes we use are centuries old and we guard them jealously, while continuously improving their preparation and adapting to modern times.

Hand selected
fruit and vegetables
Slow, traditional preparation
Packaged for enjoyment
on every occasion
Blueberry fruit
Apricot half
Hot pepper


Both the sweet and savoury Bakina Tajna products are completely vegan. Anyone who is committed to this kind of healthy food will enjoy our products and boost their levels of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre.


Our jars have no space for gluten, which offers plenty of advantages: easier digestion, less chronic inflammation, more energy and good health. And all of this with flavours overflowing with enjoyment.

Completely natural

Our products have managed to preserve the spirit of the times; when food was completely natural, when people had enough time to enjoy the fruits of their labour, and to have ahealthy and long life.

Light and healthy

We prepare our recipes for supreme enjoyment, while paying equal attention to health. Our ajvar is alow-calorie spread which thanks to the careful method of preparation is full of nutritious ingredients. Our traditionally prepared jams contain 60 to 80 percent fruit, pasteurised in such a way as to preserve the best qualities.

Dad and daughter enjoying a meal.